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Television LIMS
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.tv lims
about TV LIMS is a Last Icon Maker Standing icon competition, where every challenge you'll enter an icon based on the picture or screencap provided from a television show. Each time voting goes up you vote for the lower quality icons and a number of people will be eliminated until we achieve a Last Icon Maker Standing. You must first sign up in order to participate.The sign-up post is located here.

rules You must sign up at the sign-up post and join the community in order to participate in the challenges. You should also friend the community so you don't miss out on anything. When entering your icon please only use the photo/screencap provided. You can use textures, brushes etc. You must comment with your icon AND a url to where your icon is located in the internet on the challenge post. You MUST participate in EVERY challenge or you will be disqualified (unless you have a skip remaining). Your icon must remain anonymous until the winners have been posted. You MUST have your entry in by the deadline or your icon will be late, and you will be disqualified. A number of people will be eliminated each challenge, and therefore disqualified from the entire competition. You may not enter the next new challenge if you have been eliminated.

timeline New challenge goes up on a Monday, you have until Sunday when voting goes up with the results being announced on Monday.

previous winners
Round 1 - cake_ordeath
Round 2 - nightcomes
Round 3 - liianna
Round 4 - ad_choc
Round 5 - prettyadorable
Round 6 - music_fun
Round 7 - capelle
Round 8 - xoxoknlove
Round 9 - karinmcr
Round 10 - naginis
Round 11 - nadya149


- sign up post
- skip post
- cap donation post

- icon_crack
- ouat_elite
- lostgirlelite
- isayweparty
- lims_btvs
- lims_tvandfilm

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